You guys, it’s time again. Time for football, tailgating, food, beverages, and everything else in between. I think one of the reasons I like this season so much is that I get to spend time with the people I love most in a fun atmosphere. While we didn’t go to the game this week, we watched the game from our gazebo in the backyard at my mom’s house and played washers!  And with that came the first Mizzou win of the season!

So today, I’m sharing my take on tailgate eats. No, this post doesn’t feature things like the classic Buffalo Chicken Dip (although I know it’s Kyle’s favorite 😉 ) or healthy alcoholic beverages (although that may be an upcoming blog idea). Instead, today I’m taking a page out of Diane Sanfillipo’s book (literally because they’re her recipes) Practical Paleo 2nd edition. But hey, if you wanna eat all the buff chick dip and cookies, go for it! I’m certainly not here to stop you – I’m just here to provide some real food friendly options!

So the following is what I whipped up for the fam this weekend (disclaimer: my mom’s house smelled like garlic after I was done, but sorry not sorry because garlic is so GOOD for you – plus, it wards off the vampires, so win-win):

Smoky Buffalo Wings and Honey Garlic Teriyaki Wings, Green Beans with Onions, and Smashed Potatoes with Garlic and Onions

you can see why the house smelled like garlic…

The reasons I picked these recipes were because (1) I had all of the ingredients on hand, (2) they were super easy, (3) garlic, apparently, and (4) I was dying to try some of the recipes in Practical Paleo because Diane Sanfillipo is my nutrition spirit animal (if that’s even a thing).

tailgate food

The chicken wings, potatoes, and green beans I actually received in my Root Cellar box (weekly food subscription box in Columbia, MO) and were all from local farms. Plus, the chickens were free-range which is a plus!

chicken wings

And of course, no tailgate is complete without something sweet, right?! So I made these Flourless Dark Chocolate Brownies with Almonds to round out the meal and satisfy my sweet tooth. Yes, I know I’m terrible at cutting equal sized pieces, BUT these little gems were pretty tasty!



In a ‘nutchelle’, you don’t have to completely derail your diet/lifestyle efforts on gamedays, there are always other options to choose if you so wish! GO MIZZOU!