Michelle Hoeing

Hello, there. I’m Michelle. I currently live in Columbia, Missouri (CoMO) but was born and raised in St. Louis (StL). I love everything about StL. I love the Blues – Stanley Cup, we’re comin’ for you! I love the Cardinals – 11 time World Series Champs! And I love that I get to call it my hometown.

I live with 3 boys, one of them being my wonderful boyfriend Kyle. Think total New Girl situation. Kind of, sort of. Anyways, they keep things interesting and remind me not to take life so seriously.

happy harbor home

I also have two adorable cats named Penelope and Watson that I’m pretty much obsessed with. But who isn’t obsessed with their fur babies?!

penelope watson

Currently I work as a registered dietitian at a bariatric clinic in CoMO and I absolutely love it. It’s not an area of dietetics that I had originally planned on working, but hey, things happen and sometimes they turn out to be really cool! So here I am, going on 3 years as a bariatric dietitian. And also at the same time working on my Master’s Degree in Nutrition through the University of Alabama online.

Hobbies and interests… well, I like food. And nutrition. And sometimes exercise, depending on the week. I like to read and be boring, and also socialize and be fun! It’s all about balance, right?!

I’m starting this blog in hopes that it will make me think outside the box, transform and build my career as a registered dietitian (with a soon-to-be Master’s degree – yikes!), and basically serve as a space for all of my ramblings. I have a lot of thoughts on a daily basis, so I guess this is a place for me to archive them – lucky you!

As the world of nutrition is ever-changing and it’s easy to get lost in the details of the science, I like to keep things simple and always bring it back to the basics, and just keep in mind everyone’s main goal – to be healthy and happy (total cliché, I know). So that’s where NutchelleNutrition comes in. Nutchelle – like “in a nutshell”, but “chelle” as in Michelle (that’s me!), and nutrition because, well, I think that part is obvious.

So enjoy, please!

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  1. Hello,

    I am an editor at Vox magazine in Columbia, Missouri. I am working on a story right now about people with food blogs/Instagrams who live in mid-Missouri. After looking at your Instagram and blog, I think you would be a great source for this story. Please let me know as soon as possible if this would be something you’d be interested in. It would not be time consuming at all (probably just one short interview). Let me know, thanks!

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